Tommie Geraedts is a director of music videos, commercials and short films working from Amsterdam ✖︎✖︎✖︎ and London ☂. He has directed films for the van Gogh museum and Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam that went on to get millions of views.

With a background in design and visual effects he weaves the fabrics of these disciplines together with live action film to tell his stories.

At the moment he is self-studying classic cinema and writes a little about the films he sees. To see older projects check the archive. Get in touch through email or pidgeon.

+31 6 124 207 40


✱ Selected works
video / stills

➡︎ Thomas Gold feat. Jillian Edwards / Magic
● Music Video

➡︎ Bassnectar / Unlimited Combinations
● Music Video

➡︎ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / Tinguely Machine spectacle
● TV/Cinema Commercial

➡︎ Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam / Munch : van Gogh
● TV Commercial

➡︎ Max Cooper / Supine
● Music Video

➡︎ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / Matisse
● TV Commercial

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