Tommie Geraedts is a director of music videos, commercials and short films working from Amsterdam ✖︎✖︎✖︎ and London ☂. He has directed films for the van Gogh museum and Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam that went on to get millions of views. One time, many years ago, he even turned down Kanye to go travelling with his best mate (true story).

With a background in design and visual effects he weaves the fabrics of these disciplines together with live action film to tell his stories.

At the moment he is self-studying classic cinema and writes a little about the films he sees. To see older projects check the archive. Get in touch through email or pidgeon.

+31 6 124 207 40


✱ Selected works
video / stills

➡︎ Thomas Gold feat. Jillian Edwards / Magic
● Music Video

Wolfstreet Agency / Production
Stephan Polman / Camera / Visual Effects

➡︎ Bassnectar / Unlimited Combinations
● Music Video

Joris Bulstra / Camera
Philippe Avendano Vera / Producer / Design & Animation

➡︎ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / Tinguely Machine spectacle
● TV/Cinema Commercial

Paul Ozgur / Camera
Mals Media / Production Company
The Outpost / Visual Effects

➡︎ Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam / Munch : van Gogh
● TV Commercial

Diderik Evers / Camera
Mals Media / Production Company / Visual Effects
✪ Busan International Short Film 2016 Selection
✪ F@IMP 2.0 2016 GOLD Award
✪ + 6 million views on Facebook

➡︎ Max Cooper / Supine
● Music Video

Jonas Sacks / Camera
Cake Film / Production Company
✪ Vimeo Staff Pick
✪ UKMVA Nominated Best Dance video budget


➡︎ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / Matisse
● TV Commercial

Diderik Evers / Camera
Mals Media / Production Company 
The Outpost / Visual Effects 

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