Tommie Geraedts is a director of music videos, commercials and short films working from Amsterdam ✖︎✖︎✖︎ and London ☂. He has directed films for the van Gogh museum and Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam that went on to get millions of views.

With a background in design and visual effects he weaves the fabrics of these disciplines together with live action film to tell his stories.

At the moment he is self-studying classic cinema and writes a little about the films he sees. Get in touch through email or pidgeon.

+31 6 124 207 40

✱ Archive

➡︎ Natalie Duncan - Black and White  
● Music video

Hypnotic music video for the English singer Natalie Duncan. Her song is about people displaying themselves in an unrealistic way and becoming a prisoner of that display. 
Paul Ozgur / Camera
Leah Vaughan / Producer
Yanet Fuentes / Dancer
Oxana Korsun / Stylist

➡︎ Out o Focus   
● Short film

Short film about the relationship between a psychology student and her bi-polar friend. 


✪ One Vision Talent Award Best short’14
Judith Knubben / Co-Director
Eva Nijsten / Camera

➡︎ Don Diablo - M1 Stinger   
● Music video

In this video Don Diablo teaches his bird how to fly. 

Youtube link (830.000 views)
Paul Ozgur / Camera
Tommie Geraedts / Director & Producer
Joep Gerrits / Costume

● Short film

When a lonely young woman in London faces an ever growing loss of identity, the only thing she can cling onto are her melancholic devotion to her snake and plants. Mysteriously her plant shows her that there is enlightenment to be found sipping through the cracks of consciousness. 

Official selection :

✪ Slamdance Film Festival 2013
✪ Pausefest 2012
✪ Aesthetica Short film festival 2012
✪ Film by the sea 2012 
Paul Mackay / Camera
Tommie Geraedts / Direction, VFX & Animation
MIE / Production company
Sabrina Kaici / Girl
Ross Hallard @ TRIM  / Editor
Jeff Dodson / Sound Design

With music by Gregg Kowalsky and Alva Noto

➡︎ Don Diablo - Lights out hit
● Music Video

Fun Voodoo themed music video for Don Diablo

Youtube link (550.000 views)
Matthew Day / Camera
MIE / Production company
Teeni Raheem / Dancer
Lizzy Graham  / Editor

➡︎ Eros
● Short film

Highly fascinated by the perception of blind people, I tried to visualize how a blind person would see a beautiful girl.


Jeff Dodson / Sound design